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Automation blueprints + video training

YouTube Channel
on Autopilot

We all know that recording a YouTube video is one thing, and launching and promoting it - the other. We often neglect the second part and this is a huge mistake as the most important stats of our channel depend on it! I used to spend up to 8 hours on creating descriptions and covers, adding tags, promoting in social channels... not any more!

Adam Gospodarczyk
Greg Rog

Save time

What if I told you that Youtube promotion and publishing process could be done much quicker and with almost no effort? The solution is automation. Fortunately, there are ways to save yourself time and energy while also saving money on hiring people or paying for more expensive software that might not work out as well.

Save money

To support the publication and promotion of your YouTube channel you can hire an assistant. But that costs money and requires a lot of time on your part. Automation comes at a low price, but it takes some tools to get it running properly. I'll teach you how to do it in no time!

Build competitive edge

Automation gives you an edge over the competition. By using it today, you’ll beat your YouTube competitors who are still spending time and energy on repetitive and boring parts of their publishing process. This goes both ways - they will also learn to do so in the future!

What's it all about?

Great question! Have you ever considered how much time is spent behind the scenes to publish video on YouTube, post content in social media and promote it? Well that's just a start! It also includes possibilities like automation or having one source of truth to all contents which allows for example changing descriptions or thumbnails instantly.

Where are you now?

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    Hours spent on video publication
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    No way to batch edit covers, footers and descriptions
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    Adding videos by hand
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    No automatic promotion on Social Media
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    No content re-use strategy
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    Lost earning opportunities

Where you'll be with YouTube Automation Pack?

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    An average 2h saved on each video
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    Automatic posts on Social Media
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    Automatic content re-use
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    One source of truth for your Channel
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    Quick content edition
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    New earning strategies

What's inside?

I have a special package for you - It's A-Z video course (2 hours) PLUS ready-made Scenarios! That means that I will give to you in an easily comprehensible way what I've been perfecting over the years optimizing few of my channels on YouTube. The pack contains theory and practice at 100% ratio with readymade Blueprints.

What are readymade Scenarios?

Those are JSON files with Blueprints I've created and just upload it to the automation tool I explain in the video. Than just plug in your accounts and... that's all folks - you're well on your way of saving time with a fully automated YouTube channel!

Quick, step-by-step Automation Tutorial

The goal is to have you automated as fast as possible. It’s not some 8-hour training course. It takes two hours of packed to the brim information. You will get everything configured in half day... so think about it - HALF DAY - instead of wasting weeks with useless work!

Automation Features

In the course we implement a few most important scenarios. Those can be, however, just a starting point for your future automations! After the course, you'll be confident enough to build your own automations, for example (those are not included):
🔥 Automatic Newsletter sent based on the video details
🔥 Evergreen Social Media posts in the convenient calendar view
🔥 Delegating other processes such as video editing and subtitling
🔥 And much more!

YouTube Headquaters in one Sheet

We will create a single source of truth for your Videos in Airtable. This will open a door of automation in marketing processes and enable you reach new audiences. Imagine new earning opportunities, when you can change your descriptions all at once!

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    Social media posts! Imagine information about new videos automatically reaching your Facebook, Instagram Linkedin or even Twitter audience? It can all happen without much effort on your part and I will show you how to do it.
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    Video repository! Having a backup of your videos is really useful. You can easily review, manage and publish them elswhere. We will keep copies of the videos on GDrive but you could potentially configure Dropbox, too. From there the automation process will kick off!

BONUS 🎁 YouTube Covers and other assets

Covers are important and have an impact on how your films get discovered. In the bonus material you will find some tips about how to create automatic miniatures for your videos or graphics for posts in social media networks. And what is even better? They can be created fully automatically from a template!

BONUS 🎁 Content re-use on Social Media

In the second bonus lesson, we'll set the re-posting schedule to automatically promote older videos from your channel! This is critically important as some evergreen content on your channel can still generate views. This technique ALONE brought over 10.000 views of my videos in one week!

Course Content

Check out the chapters that I've created for you


Automation is all about maximizing efficiency. In this course, you'll learn everything from how to optimize your video publishing process and managing existing content (like updating descriptions) or future promotion needs.

Airtable Base

The most important element of automation is the database. Gathering all information about movies in one place will make it possible to use them later on for marketing purposes, email campaigns and content reuse

Automatic Publication

You'll to start by linking your YouTube account with our database. That way, we'll get an instant backup of the video and can prepare it for publication!

Manage your videos

If you have already collected information about movies, then you can configure your ability to update them (such as titles or descriptions) so that if there is a need for optimization it will be easy.

Publish in Social Media

We want to share our latest video with as many people possible. To do this, we're going to use social media channels so that every time we upload a new video, everyone will be notified automatically.

Content re-use

A lot of published videos can reach our social media channels many times. This is what we call content reuse. Check out how to prepare an automatic schedule for posted videos.

Generating graphics

Creating Social Media graphics and YT covers usually happen with a very similar template but even still it takes up lots of time. I'll show you how to use some special tools that are 100% automated and will generate for you all the graphics on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube all at once.

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    2 hours of video tutorials - complete process
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    Readymade blueprints for Integromat / Zapier
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    Bonus Lesson "Automating Social Media"
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    Bonus Lesson "Content reuse"
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    Limited time only ⏰ BONUS - 5 free automation courses (4 extra hours)
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Hurry up! The access to the BONUS content is available only for limited time if you purchase before 31.05.2021

Limited time Bonus ⏰

How about few more hours of automation knowledge? For limited time I offer the complementary access to my 5, complete automation courses! This will let you really dive in the automation process if you decide this is something for you. Apart from practical examples and extended knowledge of the tools we use in YouTube Automation, you will learn a solid foundation of automations for your further projects or development of YouTube Scenarios.

The courses include:

🎓 API 101 - Get to know the basics of HTTP protocol, learn about API and json. Discover how the web works and communicate using webhooks. Let’s hack some API’s!
🎓 No-code MVP - Generate a name, logo, create simple landing page, make a video explainer in minutes and on top of that... create a functional prototype of the product's MVP 🤯
🎓 Personal Assistant - Get your life and work organised by the robots! Let others sync with your calendar, manage meetings, reminders and use handy shortcuts on your phone!
🎓 Calendar Chatbot - Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot to schedule appointments. Automate your services with easy options for rescheduling, and cancelling meetings. As well as calendar integration and notifications.
🎓 NPS Survey Automation - You will get to know why NPS is one of the best ways to measure feedback at scale as well as automate each part of the process. We'll start from email sequences with embedded NPS survey, then send the results into a sheet, send follow-up emails, calculate the scores and display them in a useful dashboard.

Not a single line of code required!


What Tools do I need?

Scenarios are based on free version of Buffer and Google Drive and Airtable and paid version of Integromat, Zapier and Placid.app.

Do I need to know how to code?

NO! You'll be able to implement the automation even if you never wrote a line of code in your life.

When will I get the content?

Immediately after purchase you'll get your license key and link to both YouTube tutorial and for downloading the source files - Blueprints.

Do I need any prior automation expertise?

NO! This is suitable also for absolute beginners. If you do have some prior experience (or learn with the bonus tutorials) you'll be able to do even more sophisticated automations and exchange the tools that we use in Scenarios.

Will I automate 100% of my publication and promotion process?

Probably not. Although it might be possible it's not recommended, as some of the features of YouTube might require you change something manually from time to time for better results.

Can I return it?

Yes. Just let me know within 10 days of the purchase. Please send me an email to hello@codeless.how